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    becarefull hacker on the roll



    becarefull hacker on the roll

    Post  pcy2860 on Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:01 pm

    I being hacked after zed pinay & nimrod ...
    How i not sure but pls lock ur inventory ......

    Here my story
    Like usual I log the game at 7pm for DW, play the game for 15 minutes, then i have to log out the game cause i have to fetch my girl friend to work....

    when i back to game around 7.45 pm, I can log into the game, It said my password in invalid, I log into IGG webpage, change my password & log in again, status said i still online there, I log in once again & OMG all my stuff are gone.... I pm live support right away, but according to them they can't do anything... I also ask them to check IP address log to my account but they also unable to help it.....Then my acc being attack 2nd time even i change the new password, I got dced in game & account become invalid again. When i log into game after 5 minutes half of inventory gone include all the stuff in bank.

    Item Lost :
    lv 85 Boss ring
    Lv 75 zeus power ( +10 str +10 agi + 10 con )
    Lv 75 poisedon guard ( +10 str +10 agi +10 acc )
    LV 75 crown ( all stat +3 ) - fused 106% 3 socket with lv 3 red gem + lv 2 yellow gem + lv3 chiatan gem )
    LV 75 death armor with Lv 3 bd soul + lv 5 colo + lv 4 undead az (+8 con gem)
    110% fused LV 60 Glove +9 str &+9 agi stat with lv 5 lustrius gem + lv 4 lock hit + lv 3 bd hearts
    110% fused death boot with lv 5 wing + lv 4 Az dance + lv 4 bing dodge
    110% fused str Darkness emissary with lv 4 lutrious + lv 4 glare + lv 5 rage
    110% fused AGI Darkness emissary with lv lv 4 glare + lv 4 Bd eye + lv 5 rage
    110% +9 STR Glove 3 socket (empty)
    lv 85 shield with lv 4 colo gem + lv 2 bd soul + 1 empty socket ....
    lv 45 str mordo junior
    lv 44 con mordo jr
    lv 6 str mordo jr

    gem lost in bank
    lv 4 rage gem x2
    1 bd soul
    1 bd eye & others which can't remember now.....



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    Re: becarefull hacker on the roll

    Post  XxSiNxX on Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:31 pm

    Pcy, open ToP website, go to "Service center" and fill out the forum there with ur account name/character name and all the EQs u lost. I've just gotten off with LS, I gave them the names of all people that got hacked, they just need u to fill out the form so they could track ur EQs


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    Re: becarefull hacker on the roll

    Post  ZedG3 on Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:48 pm

    This bullshit is going to far.... Hope u get ur eqps and that this shitty hacker gets ip banned


    Re: becarefull hacker on the roll

    Post  pcy2860 on Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:21 am

    hm already complaint to VIP LS, they received my report however i doubt on their ability to track down hacker as this hacker very fast.....

    Even i change my pw & log in my acc when he is transfering my equip, he manage to hack me 2nd time with my new password....

    other clues is whoever stand next to me in argent bank after dw 7.15pm -7.45pm game time.
    & hope IGG can track down IP address...


    Re: becarefull hacker on the roll

    Post  Evo on Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:47 am

    Guys leave your chars offline when you go afk. I think someone managed to get through the server back door and now they can access database. The hacker is probably just going around looking for strong people then gets their info from database.

    Just lock your inventory and leave ur char offline when ur afk.

    btw everytime u log in, go check the Game Option and check if Auto Lock is off. Thats how they break your inv lock, they turn it off and u unlock it not realizing auto lock is off. THen the hacker can take ur equip without worrying of lock.


    Re: becarefull hacker on the roll

    Post  Guest on Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:53 pm

    well shini said he got inventory locked and even that not helped still got hacked... and dotor been hacked in like 5 mins so fast WTF,... dunno how its possible he lost items similair to yours in price fuked now, i hope all u guys n girls get stuff back IGG just cant let it go likle this fcking bollocks!


    Re: becarefull hacker on the roll

    Post  Evo on Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:59 pm

    Yea its not hard to break lock. Just check if the auto lock is turned off everytime u log in.

    Idk if you guys noticed but on Friday and Saturday, the servers were lagging. Me and nico were in DW and getting huge amounts of delay lag shit.

    So i guess they were under a DoS attack then the hacker used a SQL injection since the server's were focused on DoS attack.


    Re: becarefull hacker on the roll

    Post  Evo on Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:05 pm

    Also it wasn't a Perl attack. Only way into IGG's DB is via Item Mall. Why would the hacker pick to hack ppl rather than get free stuff from mall. He would be a retard to not hack the mall first.

    And if it was a Perl attack, there would of been an image uploaded to IGG's website in the Screenies or Player Photo section that is encrypted with code in it.

    Its like Peoplesoft Img coding.

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    me too

    Post  Kohak on Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:53 pm

    actualy this morning
    the same happend to me, the game say pass incorect but i can still log in wab site

    i change my pass and i was able to enter in game, lucky i pass my equip to a alt
    and use lock on him and my char

    i not lost anything, but still need to know what that hell is going on

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    Re: becarefull hacker on the roll

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