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Moonlight Guild

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    SuPerCRUSADER121 applicattion


    SuPerCRUSADER121 applicattion Empty SuPerCRUSADER121 applicattion

    Post  Posting Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:18 pm

    In-game name:

    Character lvl & Class:
    Crusader lvl 86

    Former Guild (if any):

    Your Equipments (include if gemmed or not):
    2 boe(2 rage 2 cracked rage) gloves kyling(lvl 2 lust),kyling boots,corporeal bd armor 4cp(lvl 2 colo),rings str lvl 65 and 60,ms neck lvl 65, pet lvl 40 str 2nd gen

    Your Skills:
    concentration(lvl10),sword mastery(lvl10),illusion slash(lvl10),Bersek(lvl10),Deftness(lvl8),Blood Frenzy(lvl10),Shadow Slash(lvl7),Sthealt(lvl6),posion dart(lvl1)

    How many people have Access to Your Account:
    No one access in my account

    How long you've been playing TOP:
    2 years

    How Active are you in game:
    im in the school but im active

    Why you want to join in this guild?
    I want be strong and kill in dw,ca and boss

    I have one sv voy with ship lvl 40, my max is 1531,hit rate 273,dodge 348, def 217, att speed 224 without buff, i have 20m to buy more equips.With rb quest in the mission of Kraken

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    SuPerCRUSADER121 applicattion Empty Re: SuPerCRUSADER121 applicattion

    Post  Elros Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:29 pm

    Smile YES for me..
    Is a good guy, friend & Cruz...
    In the guild will be stronger..
    He's active..

    Suspect you just need to accept it cheers

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    SuPerCRUSADER121 applicattion Empty Re: SuPerCRUSADER121 applicattion

    Post  DevilKamilFukinEvil Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:33 pm

    i agree with Elros it is a nice guy and would be cool to accept him

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    SuPerCRUSADER121 applicattion Empty Re: SuPerCRUSADER121 applicattion

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