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    Post  Beastly on Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:01 am


    Lvl 76 Champ

    This is my old guild and a while back i was in DG which was boring as hell

    My eq is a (Str ToH- Lvl 1 Rage,Lvl 1 BD Eye)(Lvl 65 Uns Armor 110%-Lvl 2 Cracked Colo Gem,Lvl 2 Gem of Colo)(Lvl 55 CA Boots 102%-Lvl 1 Wind Gem,Lvl 1 Cracked Wind Gem)(Lvl 70 Boss Claw 110%- 2 sockets)(2xLvl 65 +11 Con +4 Agi Rings)(Lvl 65 MS Neck +3 Con +3 Acc)(Lvl 42 2nd Gen Str Pet, Lvl 30 1st Gen Con Pet)

    Tanking is my main skill aka distracting if i cant kill

    Ezos is the only other person that has access to my account

    Been playin TOP since 2007

    With the whole active thing i can be on any time you want me on..except holidays ofc. But besides that im usually always on.

    Last time i was in this guild it was awesome so ofc i want back in

    And i have an ss and sv ready

    ReApply!!!!!!!! Empty Re: ReApply!!!!!!!!

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:14 am

    i don't know you so lets give u a chance but lvl 76 since 2007 thats sad men get 86 at least with damn dinner if u saying u are so active u can do it easy

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